Sri Rounak Impex marble supplies several types from the most sought after Milky White to Marble infused with Color, Swirls, and Veins – in Brown, Green, Gold, and Pink – globally celebrated for the brilliant luster and impeccable beauty.

Resplendent Marble regarded as the ‘queen of stones’ attracts huge demand internationally for the grandeur and grace it imparts to any structure. India is one of the largest exporters of marble, with abundant impressive deposits of soothing natural stone, in the States of Gujarat and the Makrana region of Rajasthan.

The magnificent stone, once the privilege of only the Royalty, is now extensively used in interior as well as exterior architectural designing – for that instant luxurious look – beautifully crafted countertops and panels, in flooring, walls, decorative features, and stairways.

Marble Stone Suppliers In London. White Marble, Makrana Marble wholesaler & Wholesale Dealers since1999 located in India.

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